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Bay to Bay has been devoted to providing the best swimming pool maintenance services since 1972. We are experts at cleaning and assessing chemicals for a healthy pool use. Over the years we have gained priceless experience in our domain, and countless happy customers.

Splash into a Clean Pool After We Do All the Hard Work!
Bay to Bay cleaning professionals exhibit high proficiency in cleaning pools. Our cleaning services are effective, fast and reasonably priced. Be it regular cleaning or an occasional full service clean of the entire pool equipment, we manage it all exceptionally well.

What all does a professional cleaning package include?
The usual cleaning package includes tile cleaning, filter cleaning, wall brushing, vacuuming, netting and basket cleaning. In addition, we allow you to customize the service and add any other requirements to the cleaning package.

Why should I consider hiring a pool cleaning company?
Buying pool chemicals, storing them and working out the right proportions every time on your own, are time-consuming tasks which you may not get right often. Besides, keeping chemicals in your house may be hazardous to pets and children. By letting us look after your swimming pool’s chemistry single handedly, you save yourself all the hassles involved and can be sure of the optimum chemical balance of the water.

At what frequency do I need to get my swimming pool cleaned?
In Florida we suggest once a week. With the heat and rains we see a pools chemistry can change overnight. Investing in a regular pool maintenance service and you will see a significant difference in your pool health. 

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